Love this company.

I made the flowers for my son's wedding in April, so I knew what to expect. But, that was at home where I had all my other resources. This was a destination wedding in Colorado so if anything had gone wrong, life would have just been a lot more complicated. As last time, NOTHING went wrong, the flowers arrived on time and in great condition. The colors were wonderful. I did add some Bells of Ireland and hypericum berries that I purchased locally because I did not need the volume that comes with a wholesale order. Note to those of you who are wondering. It cost nearly as much to buy a small amount locally, as the large amount that would have come from Fifty Flowers, but I had the additional burden of NO SPACE since I was working out of a rented apartment, so that is why I did not order those.

I only did the boutonnieres and bouquets for this wedding. Left the other stuff to the pro and concentrated on what was most personal to my daughter and son-in-love. We were delighted with the results. Hope you enjoy the photos.

Photo credit to Jess Purple.

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