Love Baby's Breath Flower!

I had a very DIY wedding and wanted flowers that were relatively cheap and easy to put together, so I chose New Love Baby's Breath because they were simple and had bigger blooms than some of the other varieties. The flowers arrived on Wednesday, all packaged up, and my mom and I got busy untangling them and putting them in water. Once they were all soaking, we started cutting stems apart to create centerpieces, bridesmaid bouquets, and boutonnieres. I was so happy with the way everything turned out! It was the hottest week of the year, but the flowers were in great shape when they arrived, and they really opened up once we got them in water. They still looked great even a week after our Saturday wedding. When I was reading reviews, some people had mentioned that Baby's Breath has a strong smell, but I didn't notice anything at all. They smelled like flowers of course, but it wasn't off-putting. I would definitely recommend that you keep the afternoon open on the day that the flowers arrive. It took me longer than expected to get them all into water and put the bouquets together. Totally worth it, though! We saved a ton of money by doing it ourselves and not paying a florist! Highly recommend!

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