My theme started to develop after i found silver and black table overlays that i absolutely LOVED. I wanted tall centerpieces with branches, and candles everywhere. I saw pictures of silver color combined with bright colored flowers and loved the idea of such bold colors. I came across this website and looked for the colors that i liked. I didnt have a specific flower in mind, the color was more important. I came across the carnations and although i would have never thought to use this flower for a wedding, i thought it would look amazing combined with all of the silvers, glass, and candles. I debated between purple, red, fuschia, and finally decided on the fuschia. I bought tall vases in advance, spray painted the branches, bought tons of other supplies, and then practiced with carnations i bought at the store just so i have an idea how many i would need for each centerpiece. We had a big family table for 20 people, and i used 4 bowls there with spray painted pebbles and candles. The guest tables had the tall vases with branches and flowers. I ordered 800 stems and had a ton left over. I made boutonniers, and corsages as well. I planned on making my own bouquet too with only carnations but the bigger i made the bouquet, the easier the stems were breaking. Another option was to buy a plastic bouquet holder with wet floral foam in too, so if you can find it, definitely buy it for your bouquet. I went to a bunch of stores and all of them had the holders but with dry foam used for artificial flowers. They do have them online but it was too late to order. Since I'm a cool and easygoing bride i improvised...i went to the store, bought two bouquets with a variety of flowers, took them apart and put together my bouquet with store bought flowers but also added my carnations juat to bring the whole theme together. It looked amazing! All in all, the experience with Fifty Flowers was amazing. I placed the order 2 weeks before my wedding, and they arrived on Wednesday for a Saturday wedding. I think that i could have had them delivered even sooner, possibly Monday, as they could have used a few extra days to fully open. It is now 8 days since they were delivered and they look better now than on the day of the event!

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