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Lisianthus are gorgeous flowers that, when fully bloomed, can resemble a rose. Our Lisianthus flowers have long, layered stems with bell-shaped ruffled blooms and almond shaped buds, making them an excellent choice to elevate the elegance of your events, arrangements, and bouquets! Choose from a wide range of beautiful colors and in our different varieties of Lisianthus blooms, sourced from all around the world. Did you know that FiftyFlowers offers five exclusive varieties of Lisianthus flowers?

The five types of lisianthus include

The standard single, the mini-double, the standard double, the frill double, and the exclusive designer lisianthus. We offer the standard single lisianthus which is an impressive flower with mildly trumpet-shaped blooms. The mini and standard double lisianthus have fuller blooms with the same lovely characteristics as the standard single blossoms. The difference between the mini and standard lisianthus is the height of the blossoms — please refer to the product description information for exact height variance details.  The mini-double lisianthus displays compact blooms bursting with color! Our frill lisianthus is similar to the standard double lisianthus but has uniquely ruffled edges to add an extra touch of spectacle and awe to your arrangements. The height of the frilled blossom matches that of the standard double, the only difference comes in the uniquely textured petals. Finally, FiftyFlowers provides exclusive designer lisianthus blooms. The exclusive designer lisianthus blooms are uniquely cultivated to have the biggest, most extravagant blooms of all our wonderful lisianthus flower offerings! Customers have used the exclusive designer lisianthus blooms in decorative pieces and large conversational pieces such as hanging arrangements and floral arches.

Our gorgeous lisianthus blooms can brighten up any space.

Lisianthus flowers are perfectly at home in wedding ceremonies and receptions, at evening gala events, at elegant dinner parties — your imagination is the limit with these delightful flowers. Lisianthus blossoms are extremely versatile in flower arrangements as their natural height and head shape add an enjoyable, whimsical texture and depth to any floral ensemble. Our lisianthus flowers are fresh-grown products of nature so there are some beautiful flowers that are only available during certain seasons — which you can sort by to best fit your flower needs. Make sure to review when the lisianthus are in season, then select the date range in which your desired delivery date falls to see what varieties are available.

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