Light Pink Flowers

Browse Light Pink flowers at FiftyFlowers! A sweet choice for any bridal look, Light Pink represents friendship, affection, and harmony. Put it alongside True and Hot Pinks for a monochromatic pink look!

Garden Rose Soft Pink Ohara

from $114.99

Garden Rose Powder Pink

from $139.99

Peony Rose Bridal Piano

from $139.99

David Austin Keira Garden Rose

from $234.99

Classic Pink Spray Garden Roses

from $159.99

Heart Garden Rose Red Flower

from $179.99

Heart's Desire Garden Rose

from $149.99

Make Me Blush Garden Rose

from $159.99

Bleeding Heart Garden Rose

from $174.99

Seashell Beach Garden Rose

from $149.99

Pink Carmeline Spray Garden Roses

from $159.99

Hues of Pink Garden Rose Wholesale

from $159.99

Princess Peach Garden Rose


Shell Pink Sweetheart Garden Rose

from $159.99

Biedermeier White and Pink Sweetheart Garden Rose