Leap of faith

I was blessed to be a bride 27 years ago so this is the story of MY "Wedding Flower" day! I have a small but growing floral business that I do out of my home. It's mostly a container and small space landscaping business but I always wanted to expand to cut flower work. When asked to do Kaitlyn and Tyler's wedding early in the year, I was tentative but willing to give it a shot. In my 20's, I worked at a couple of florists, but this would be my 1st official "solo" run. So planning ensued and stress built! Although I have a local floral distributor that I could have used to buy the flowers from, I was very impressed by the FiftyFlowers website with all it offered, and the ease in which it seemed to make it for brides! So to ease my stress, I took a leap of faith and created my designs through FiftyFlowers. That leap proved to be a brilliant decision. From beginning to end, the staff at FiftyFlowers was exceptional! The constant communication while the flowers were in transit was outstanding. But the flowers, well all I can say is, I have never been so impressed with anything like I was with the flowers I received!!! Hundreds and hundreds of flowers and only 2 were broken !!!!!!! Unbelievable!!! All the flowers were delivered exactly when they needed to be in order to be at their prettiest on the big day. The colors described, spot on! Honestly, no negatives for me!
So with that said, for all brides that want to try to do their own flowers, this is an all-around quality place to start!!! I will no doubt continue to use FiftyFlowers for any future weddings I may have the honor of doing! Thank you FiftyFlowers for helping this BloominCrazy lady be proud of her "Wedding Flower" Day!!!

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