Leah & Jason's Spring Wedding

When my daughter told me she was getting married, I started saving and planning for the big day. One day I told her, “ I'm going to do your flowers, is that alright?” She said, “ You'll be great at it, ok!” And this began my searching for where to get the flowers, how to do the arrangements, bouquets, flower crown, corsages, boutonnières and other flower decor for the wedding and reception. I would look up things and send them to her, and vise versa. I did buy flowers through other venues as well as Fifty Flowers, however, their customer service was over and above the “other” companies. I received texts and phone calls making sure the deliveries were as promised and that the flowers were in good condition. They even contacted me when I put my order in because they felt that the day I was picking for delivery of the garden roses was a day too early and the blooms might not make it to the day of the ceremony! I will admit, it was a little daunting when I received all those flowers in boxes that needed to be rehydrated by clipping the bottoms and given flower food. This took me a whole day! The second day everyone was able to help. My daughters, niece, sister in law, son in law, daughter in law, granddaughters and even my brother came out to help! There were flowers in buckets everywhere! Luckily, I work at the venue so we kept everything in the walk-in coolers before and after processing them. Actually, the centerpieces and extra flowers were used several times after the reception. I myself used them almost 2 weeks afterwards for a banquet, and the woman in charge wanted me to make flowers for her daughters bridal shower! They were beautiful. I even received an email wanting to know where I bought my flowers and compotes from another bride having a reception at the club. All in all, my daughter and her husband had a beautiful wedding and were very happy! It's a little bit of work but, in the end, it's so worth it! I can't imagine what the flower bill would've been had I gone to a florist! Also, the feeling of accomplishment and pride you feel when family and friends compliment your work is amazing and worth every minute of your time. Thank you so much to everyone at Fifty Flowers for making my little girls wedding a beautiful one! I will definitely recommend you to anyone who asks and use your company again if I need fresh flowers. Thank you

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