Late September Wedding

When I first started the journey of planning my wedding, I instantly knew that my mom was going to be my biggest support. We excitedly started swapping ideas and talking through things and very early on she said, "I think we should do your flowers...I think we could handle it." Panic instantly set in! I was thinking that's crazy! Then I started doing some research on how much money we could save and I was sold. I didn't know how we would execute it, but the decision was made: we were going to do my flowers- bouquets and all! I had a free consultation with Violet here at Fifty Flowers and felt even more at ease afterwards. She looked at my Pinterest Boards, made suggestions, heard me out and at the end of the call I knew we could get it done. One thing to keep in mind is that some flowers will come 3 days prior and some flowers will come 2 days prior. Coordinating was key- so my mom stayed home to get the first batch in water, kept them hydrated and was ready to go when the second set was delivered. They look a little sleepy when they arrive- but it's okay! We were married on a Saturday and so we did the flowers the day before. Now, we had a very hands on wedding and it was held at a private farm and we did EVERYTHING ourselves (minus food!), so there was a lot of set up to do beforehand all around and not just with the flowers. If I could give any advice to brides looking into this it's to HAVE HELP! My mom and I thought we could handle it, and I think we did a pretty good job, but it literally took every bit of 7 hours to complete. I made 60 smaller centerpieces, 6 bridesmaids bouquets and my own bouquet while my mom did other arrangements in lanterns and for our wedding arch. I was worried that I wanted control over the aesthetic, but looking back it would've been nice to at least have people there to trim the flowers, get thorns off roses, separate into the water, etc. So ask your maids to jump in! My second piece of advice would be to do the free consultation with Fifty Flowers. They were so helpful and knowledgeable and honestly, with their help anyone could do this! It just takes planning! :) Looking back I am so happy we had control over each flower that went into our wedding day. PS Our beautiful photos were by NJ Photographer- Something Blue Wedding Photography (

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