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I love flowers! My husband was really into the music and details and ALL I wanted was to do the flowers myself. I'm so happy I did! My guests were so surprised that the room full of flowers were not done by a professional! I wanted my flowers to be garden style, relaxed and abundant. We spent a fraction of the money I was quoted by florists, and I got so many more blooms. I spent 3-4 days prior to the wedding at my parents' house prepping final details and recieving the flowers as they arrived. The Fedex man was very involved in my wedding! The only really stressful time was when I was sent a peruvian lily instead of the yellow button flower I ordered, but I was able to get refunded via the LiveChat on the website, although I missed the yellow in the arrangements! I used recycled glassware, so all the vases were different sizes and there were 3-4 vessels on each table. The room was surrounded in windows and the ledges had vases every 6-8 inches I had so many flowers!! We were even able to do our wedding arch last minute, we weren't even planning on using it but I'm so happy we did. The pictures were gorgeous with it!

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