Kudos and Confidence from an Ex-Florist!

I am an ex-florist so now and then I am asked to do wedding flowers - usually for friends of my daughters. I ALWAYS have anyone that I am assembling flowers for order from Fiftyflowers.com. I have NEVER been disappointed in the arrival, quality or cost of the flowers. No exception when the bride was my own daughter. I was a little peeved at her for wanting us to do her flowers, because I really just wanted to be the Mother of the Bride; but she thought we were too picky and too cheap, ha ha. We were on a tight floral budget with so many other things costing more than planned AND the Bride insisted on including gardenias and stephanotis in her bouquet and some of the corsages/bouts. It took a little creativity in finding the flowers we wanted - not too many, a little variety and all within our budget. We were able to solve all the issues by ordering some of your combo boxes. I appreciate having the confidence to recommend Fiftyflowers to anyone who has a quality/cost concern for wedding flowers (whether I do them or not). Thanks, again, for maintaining that confidence! (PLEASE NOTE - MY APOLOGIES FOR THE QUALITY OF THE PICTURES ATTACHED...they are pictures of pictures off my computer screen because I was anxious to get this review out... but hope it gives you the idea of how well the flowers stretched and looked...)

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