Kenny and Kristina

When I first thought of doing my own wedding flowers, basically all my girls told me I wouldn't have time, I needed to delegate the responsibility to someone else. BUT being the control freak that I am, I did them myself. From figuring out what I needed and wanted and how much of each flower, to piecing them together during our rehearsal party, I handled them. Sounds like a lot for an 8 person wedding party right? Nope. Easiest, most relaxing part of the day before my wedding. Sitting together with my maid of honor the night before and arranging flowers into our beautiful bouquets was probably one of the most memorable and relaxing wedding projects I did. All because of this amazing company called FiftyFlowers. I never saw more beautiful flowers or greenery arrive and then come to life overnight exactly how they said. Literally everyone complemented how beautiful our flowers were and what they added to the atmosphere. We used beautiful peach and ivory roses and two different types of lush green eucalyptus and babys breath. These flowers were the highlight of my wedding planning experience and I refer to this place all the time. Everyone is always skeptical of ordering flowers online but these did not disappoint. I'm going to be ordering these again for decoration in my house in addition to other friends weddings!!

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