K & A's Day, 9-26-15

The wedding was like a fairy tale, everything turned out beautiful! Thanks to a village of people helping, professionals and great vendors like Fifty Flowers. Our daughter was married at our home, on her grandparents 56th anniversary, to a man and his family that we have known since college. Their daddies were roommates and played college football together. Our daughter and her new husband have know each other their entire lives, our families have always visited and vacationed together. Always like family, one summer about 10 years ago they felt a spark on our annual 4th of July vacation. Then, even though our families were close, as young people do, their lives got busy. High school, sports, jobs and college all happened for the two and they were on separate paths. Until, they both graduated college and decided to attend the annual families summer vacation. The two found the spark they felt years ago and acted on it. Only 8 months dating before engagement and another 8 months until the wedding. He has always been like family, now, its just official!

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