Just Around the River Bend

In a quiet little town called Blythe, California in the middle of no where Ryan and I after 13 years tied the knot in our favorite place on the Colorado River at his family home. Ryan and I grew up here with our friends and family he actually proposed in the very spot we said our I do's! We have been together since high school had many ups and downs in life but together we stood the test of time. When it came to planning our wedding we wanted simple but they trusted they knew nothing about flowers and needed a professional. In June 2018 I got a phone call from my florist saying "she didn't know she was pregnant" and just so happened to be due days before our wedding. Since I know that life can throw many curve balls I had a backup plan and fifty flowers was my back up plan. Violet helped me through the entire process and created literally made my dream flowers come to life. I had no idea my team and I could do such amazing things! See for yourself

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