June Wedding

This was my first attempt at DIY flower bouquets/arrangements/boutonnieres, etc. I got way more for my money going this route and it felt like I had so many more options than going to a florist. I loved looking through other couple's wedding stories on fiftyflowers.com and that really helped me decide on what colors and what flowers I wanted. It was a TON of work doing this, and my wedding was very small. I only had to make two bouquets and I did minimal work for the "arrangements" (I just stuck a couple flowers in bud vases). I made the pergola decoration using greenery I found in my yard (my husband didn't appreciate the holes in the bushes in our front yard) but our wallet did! Then I stuck that greenery with leftover flowers and it looked beautiful. The 3 days before my wedding was consumed with getting, preparing, rehydrating, arranging, and rearranging the flowers and then figuring out how to transport my final products to the venue. I loved how it all turned out and was very happy with the whole process! There were a couple times the shipping information told me the flowers were coming late, but the customer service team was very easy to get in contact with and very reassuring that everything would work out...and it did!

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