July Wedding Practice Run

I purchased two large centerpieces to do a "practice run" for my burgundy, blush and berry wedding in July. I ordered the centerpieces to be delivered on a Tuesday and made up a bridal bouquet from both of them on Thursday night to see how it would hold up into Friday (my wedding is on a Friday evening). It looked stunning. I then took it apart to practice making a centerpiece. I glued a dollar store glass bowl to a dollar store candlestick to make the compote pictured, made a rough ball out of 12 gauge aluminum wire to act as an armature inside the bowl, and then added the centerpiece flowers and some grocery store greenery to complete the look. I'll ultimately be ordering the greenery from FiftyFlowers as well for the big day. The last picture shows the condition of the flowers a full 7 days after delivery. Still perfect and beautiful! I'm so happy I did this practice run, as it has put me more at ease ordering 40x this many flowers when I do my wedding in July. Thank you, FiftyFlowers!

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