Joyful Spring Wedding

I was initially a little nervous about ordering flowers, but putting together the arrangements is now one of my favorite wedding memories! Our reception took place at the town Fire Hall. I wanted to do something simple and fun - like a dressed-up indoor picnic. I initially chose tulips for the spring feel (early March wasn't quite spring, but it felt like spring in the Fire Hall!)/ After a little research, I landed on stock to add a different texture, and make the tulips feel more playful. I just decided to go with the farmer's mix, because we were using all kinds of colors, and I didn't want to coordinate. The mix of colors turned out great, and we had a good time trying to get a good variety in each bouquet. If I had to do it again, I also would have ordered a green filler, but no one missed it; the tulip leaves provided some good green.

Flowers arrived right on schedule on Wednesday and Thursday, and I followed directions to prep them. We managed to fit them all in the tub, but it was tight. Our bathroom smelled great! And it added to the excitement of the week. On Friday, my family and a few friends and I got together in the kitchen to put together bouquets, led by an enormously talented family friend. Even though we just did Mason jar arrangements, it was much more difficult than I expected to arrange the flowers! Luckily, I was going for very casual arrangements. It would have been good to do a pre-order to practice. But the effect was great! It just felt like spring popping up all over. We ended up with enough flowers to put 3 arrangements each on 18 tables, with plenty left over for the receiving area.

Definitely would do this again. It was fun, and I got to have flowers at the wedding, and it really added that extra something to our reception. My sister decided to arrange her own flowers, too, after helping at my wedding!

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