Josiah & Laura Goehring

We had been together 3 years and finally he popped the question. We knew we couldn't afford much so we set out on doing as elegant as we could with the money we could spend. You find out thAt nobody cares how much you spent. We had a perfect wedding in our eyes. We had so many wonderful people that helped us make our day the best it could be. We wanted a farm wedding and a friend had offered to let us use there's but then stuff happened and we were not able to use it. With only 2 months left I was freaking out so I called around everything was very out of price range and almost decided to just elope. But the last venue I called was harvest moon farms with how GORGEOUS there barn was I thought for sure it would be way more. Come to find out it was cheaper then I ever imagined they gave us the whole week to decorate they said we kuldip hold our rehearsal dinner there and they set up the chairs for our wedding. They are an amazing family. We now consider them like family and visit them as often as we can.

I then had flowers to worry about make sure I could put my bouquet together. Fifty flowers I wish I could of ordered them all from them they came in perfect condition and right on time. With the little money we had we had to buy bulk else wear which they turned out amazing as well. I love my flowers even more with knowing that I put them all together with the help of my best friend. All our effort was worth it because I love how they turned out. I have fifty flowers to thank for that.

All that matters in the end was that I got to marry my best friend , but winning this would make me feel like I could pay back my wonderful husband for all the hard work he did to pay off the debt of our wedding. He is such a wonderful man and gave me the perfect wedding despite the hardships we had happen right before with some family members. This money could help pay off the remaining dept and have a honeymoon finally.

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