Jocelyn's Bridal Shower

OMG-Boy oh Boy- I felt like royalty with the astounding service from Fifty Flowers. Not only do they listen (THANK YOU WENDY!) they walk you through every step of your ff journey. And I mean, every step of the way from ordering, through delivery, I knew when they were arriving, got text messages about their delivery and a follow up calls each time. Since it was my first order from ff, I was a little overwhelmed by the process. My daughter and I had chosen her flowers ahead of time, but I had no idea how many of each I would need. Our receptacle was a 12 inch round coconut fiber plant liner with an 8 inch plant tray on the inside. Wendy recommended the 6 inch cake foam which worked out perfectly as it came to just above the rim of the fiber liner. She also proposed the amounts of bundles based on the vision I had, but couldn't quite verbalize. Wendy knew just what questions to ask and her advice was spot on!

The flowers arrived on one of the hottest days of the year in the Northeast, so I was a little stressed about that. But, Wendy reassured me that everything would be ok and she had walked me through how to process the bundles once they arrived. Best water containers for long stems are 5 gallon buckets, but for shorter stems, I was able to get away with smaller cleaning buckets. I may have overcrowded some of the stems in the beginning, but quickly figured out that this would prevent opening on some of the larger flowers. I took me about 3 hours to unpack and snip the bottoms from each stem. I placed all ten buckets in the powder room (no windows, no light), turned the AC down to 68 degrees, and closed the door.

On Saturday, it took my friend, Lou Ann and I about one hour and a half to figure out how we wanted to construct the arrangements. I wanted to do a low mounded but spreading arrangement as these were going on 8 foot round tables and I didn't want to obstruct conversations from across the tables. We photographed our vision as we progressed so we could repeat the process 7 more times. After that, each arrangement took about 20 minutes to construct.

Even though I have done minor flower arranging in the past on a very small scale, I wasn't sure I was up to such a big task, but I have to say, this was a labor of love for me and I am so happy my daughter was thrilled with how they turned out. Our guests were so impressed they were all wishing to be the person who found a penny under their coffee cup so they could take one home!!!! One of the winners sent pictures showing me the flowers had lasted a full 10 days beyond delivery!!!

My friend and I will be doing my 2nd daughter's shower flowers this weekend again and I am looking forward to doing the wedding flowers in October and November for these girls!!! I am so excited!!

Thank you Fifty Flowers and Wendy for being there for me! I'll send pics of our future events las they happen!

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