It's never too late for happily ever after

After being a single mother with 4 daughters for 15 years, I couldn't believe I finally found my true love. We bought a beautiful little farm in December 2013, so when he proposed, I knew immediately that we needed to start making our memories together on the farm. In late March 2014, we decided there was no need to wait to tie the knot and set a date for May 31.

Due to being single for so long, raising 4 girls, having put 2 through college and having 2 in college at the time, there was little budget for a large expensive wedding even though we wanted to share our happiness with EVERYONE!. Instead, we decided to have a small family service. My very talented sister agreed to help. I couldn't have done it without her and my 4 girls. We all pitched in to make everything for the wedding. My fiance even made the wedding shelter (see picture) by hand from lumber on the farm!

As a lover of flowers, I knew that was one place I didn't want to skimp but I didn't have the budget to use a florist. My favorite flower is the peony but after purchasing my dress, I realized I couldn't get a peony to match the peach/nude background of my dress. That's when I found FiftyFlowers and the most beautiful roses I had ever seen. I purchased the peachy cantaloupe garden roses, the ivory mini calla lilies and jolly green calla lilies to complete my perfect wedding day. When my roses first arrived, I was worried because those packaged in the middle had been a little mashed in shipping. But in talking with the representative, off and on the entire day of receipt, we were able to get them revived. For those that didn't make it, I received a credit. The white and green calla lilies were perfect. All my flowers arrived on time which is more than I can say for me the day of the wedding.

On 5/31, we woke to a down-pour of rain at 5:30 a.m. but luckily by 10:00 a.m. the skies cleared and we were able to proceed down the aisle (outside) with only a 30 minute delay. Everyone loved the flowers and said that they pulled the entire look together. You better believe that when my 4 girls get married, I'll be using FiftyFlowers for their weddings!

BTW, my oldest daughter is getting married in August this year so we will be ordering soon.

Thank you FiftyFlowers for taking one worry off my shoulders and helping to make my day perfect!

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