Israeli or Italian Ruscus

Italian or Israeli Ruscus what's the difference? They both boast of the same true strong green color and both are very hardy, making them easy to incorporate into your floral designs. The difference however is the shape of the leaves and laterals. Italian Ruscus is a slimmer, more wispy greenery and has multiple laterals on each stem. Popularly used in bridal bouquets, arches, and tablescapes, being that they can create everlasting coverage. Israeli Ruscus grown in the Americas has one stem that the leaves stem upwards and have a larger stem. Commonly used more as a filler greenery flower to add depth and texture. We have created this collection of Ruscus so you can see both the bulk bunches offered as well as some pre-made flower delights.

Italian Ruscus Greenery

from $149.99

Israeli Ruscus Greenery

from $89.99

Classic Wedding Greenery Combo Box

from $124.99

Wedding Greenery Mix

from $104.99

Party Perfect Green Flower Centerpieces

from $99.99

Classic Romance Greens Centerpiece

from $114.99

Textured Greens Centerpiece

from $134.99

Whimsical Chic Greenery Centerpiece

from $114.99

Wildly Rustic Greens Centerpiece

from $104.99

Mixed Greens Fresh Centerpieces


Picturesque Ruscus and Seeded Eucalyptus Wedding Arch Piece

from $594.99