Intimate Summer Wedding

It was an honor and a privilege to be able to help one of my dear friends host her niece's wedding at her home. The Groom's unexpected overseas deployment caused the wedding timeline to be moved up considerably, and prevented this couple from having the large wedding they were planning at a later date. But, her sweet Aunt was determined to quickly put together a very special day for them, one surrounded by close friends and family. In my opinion, no wedding (large, small, elaborate, or simple) is complete without beautiful flowers. My friend is a wonderful cook and hostess, but she was unsure about how we could possibly have flowers on a tight budget and timeline. I told her that I have ordered from Fifty Flowers several times before and if anyone can do it, Fifty Flowers can! The customer service agent was even able to have the flowers delivered on a date that was unavailable on the delivery calendar schedule—-And I was so touched when she told me to thank this soldier for his service to our country! This little combo pack provided me with enough healthy, beautiful flowers to create a bridal bouquet, one large centerpiece, and 6 little budvases of daisies. Thank you, Fifty Flowers, for helping us provide a wonderfully memorable day for a very deserving military couple!

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