Intimate Backyard Lake Wedding

My husband and I had no desire to plan a giant, formal wedding. It just wasn't our style. Instead, we opted for a super small, lakeside wedding. Even though our wedding was small, I didn't want my flowers to be small. My husband and I both agreed that having lots of fresh flowers was something we really wanted, but I was so disappointed when I received my first few quotes from florists. All my flower dreams were WAY out of my budget. However, FiftyFlowers came to the rescue. The flower selection is INCREDIBLE and the prices are so reasonable. I was able to get way more blooms and much better quality blooms for less than what the florist wanted.

After my purchases, I was so impressed with the communication from FiftyFlowers. They were able to help calm my nerves when FedEx mistakenly delivered some of my flower while I was at work. Prepping the flower was a lot of work. It was the longest part of the process. Luckily, my Mother in Law was able to help. We spent an entire afternoon getting thorns and leaves off of the stems and putting them in water. Once it was time to make arrangements was when the real fun started! My bridesmaids and I spent the evening before the wedding making the centerpieces and bouquets. The process starts a little slow, but it gets easier as you go. Luckily, we just used quart and pint sized mason jars, so it wasn't too technical. I had so many flowers, that I was able to make a beautiful table garland for the sweetheart table. That was my absolute favorite floral piece of my wedding.

As long as you aren't afraid to do a little work (and have some help!) I highly recommend fiftyflowers to make your floral dreams come true!

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