I was worried!

The bride showed me these gorgeous centerpieces with blue and purple orchids submerged in water. I told her "no, problem!". Little did I know at the time that the purple and blue orchids are dyed to look that way (blue dye with a fuchsia orchid makes purple and turquoise). I warned her that the dye may seep into the water, and was prepared to have to adjust last minute.

I was also concerned because the orchids are fragile and were coming in late June to Texas. Fifty Flowers has the best customer service!!!! The orchids were delayed in the heat. I got calls from them and information from them without having to worry.

The flowers showed up looking gorgeous and healthy. I took them out of the tubes and cut them and placed them in water (there is dye, so watch out for your hands) the night before the event and early the next morning used floral wire to attach fishing weights to submerge the flowers. I submerged the flowers in the centerpieces 4 hours before the event and no leakage. The flowers that were left over did eventually turn the water blue, so definitely wait until the day of and later in the day if submerging. My client was soooo happy! The tie dye dendrobium orchids in her bouquet that she got through a local florist were not as plump, large, or gorgeous as these. This was my first time using FiftyFlowers as an event planner and I will be back!!

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