I promise, you can do your own flowers!

After getting price estimates from local florists, I initially accepted that we couldn't afford to have the flowers I had dreamed of for my wedding. Then my mother suggested we do them ourselves... I initially thought it was a crazy idea, but I came around to it! We supplemented the flowers we got from FiftyFlowers with roses and carnations sourced locally. However, FF was so reliable; I can't recommend them enough! For our centerpieces, we used thrifted milk glass and silver vases. We also had arrangements attached to our wedding arch (floral foam + zip ties = awesome). With no experience, I was pretty intimidated, but everything came together quicker and easier than I anticipated. I did 85% of the work myself with assistance from a few family members and it took probably 2-3 hours to prep the flowers when they arrived (trimming and watering) and maybe 5-6 hours putting everything together. Overall, I'm happy with how they turned out, and guests were stunned by how little we paid for such gorgeous flowers. Would 100% do again!

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