I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends

My story is simple, it is one where I was lucky enough to find myself on a mountain in the woods with 70 of the most amazing and loving people in the world! My husband and I are artists, and hence, were on a serious budget with our wedding. But one of the most amazing things about being an artist, is that all your friends are too! As is typical of a DIY wedding day, I was busy and anxious and a little stressed. I asked a couple of my very closest friends (and amazing artists) to help put together the center pieces and bouttineers. An hour later, walking into the living room of our tiny log cabin, I found nearly a dozen friends and family busily making the most beautiful and simple flower arrangements. I couldn't believe it! That room was filled with such love and creativity. Each flower was placed in a vintage blue glass vase (collected by my Mother-in-law) or into a handmade ceramic vase, made by my husband and I and two of our closest friends. We were so luck to have such amazing people around us who made our simple DIY wedding absolutely gorgeous and filled with love!

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