Hyland Rustic Wedding Dream

Thanks to Fifty Flowers, I had the wedding of my dreams! I knew I wanted to have beautiful flowers, but wasn't sure if I could afford a florist. Somehow I stumbled upon Fifty Flowers through a blog, and I researched for months, reading all the flower stories I could. I've never done any sort of floral arrangement before, so I was super nervous if I'd be able to pull it off the day before my wedding. But reading through all the stories gave me confidence that I could do it too, and my flowers came out more beautiful than I could imagine. It was definitely hectic and required many hands, but I was able to bond with my bridesmaids and my husband during the process. We were each able to make our own bouquets, and we made very simple centerpieces in Boston rounds and bud vases. It was so meaningful, getting to put our own bouquets together, and I was so proud to look around at all the beautiful flowers, knowing that we had arranged them ourselves! I only watched a couple videos here and there and found that making a beautiful bouquet is not super difficult if you have beautiful flowers. The delicate combo of flowers came a bit late because of weather delays, but they still ended up looking wonderful. After drinking some water, all my flowers really perked up and were truly in mint condition which is crazy considering many of them were shipped from Ecuador. Fifty Flowers gave me all the flowers I wanted, at a super affordable price, and helped me make memories I will not forget! The ordering process was super easy, and Violet, flower expert extraordinaire, helped me determine the quantity of flowers I needed, and determine the final flowers to order. I was given emails and tracking numbers for each batch of flowers I ordered, which was nice on my already stressed heart. The whole process from beginning to end was wonderful, and I would most highly recommend Fifty Flowers to anyone and everyone!

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