House Party of Two

From the beginning of planning and even dreaming up this special day I knew that it needed to be filled with flowers. My love of flowers started at a super young age and fills my memories of bonding with my mother and grandmother. I am lucky to have such a talented group of family and friends to back me with large flower filled dream. My sister was a huge help in the planning, coordinating and executing of the whole process. It was so much fun to be able pick everything out and have the freedom to really make everything come to life. Violet was also such a great help and really help us understand how to make everything come to life.

The real theme of the decor was geometric with some romantic flowers. We really DIY'd and got creative with everything and even used IKEA lamp shades. We sprayed them gold and they looked amazing.... SO many compliments! When everything arrived we were stunned with the sure volume of the flowers that we had ... we had to go get more buckets! It was such a great experience to process all the flowers and watch them open. The next day we all gathered again and set up production line for all the arrangements and bouquets. Each bridesmaid got to customize there bouquet and really put their own touch on it. Everything came together so beautifully and just as we had imagined. We had plenty left over to spread around the venue and on the tables the as we were setting up.

I really have to thank everyone at Fifty Flowers for such an awesome experience! I have to say they were one of the best vendors that I delt with during the whole wedding process. Everyone was so helpful and great to work with. We had a small issue with a set of garden roses and they handled everything so quickly. I also wouldn't have been able to have the floral that I did if it weren't for Fifty Flowers so I couldn't be more thankful for that. Everything turned out so beautiful and just the way we dreamed. I would recommend to everyone.

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