Have no Fear!

I found out 2 1/2 weeks before the wedding that my florist was 100% against trying to please me. So I fired him. He told me that he could get me the flowers I wanted if money wasn't an object. So I ordered the flowers I wanted for the price that I quoted and made the arrangements myself. I was super apprehensive and nervous. My mind was full of what ifs. Everything worked out GREAT! Follow the instructions they give you, buy a few cheap buckets from lowes before the flowers arrive, buy a few pairs of flower cutters and packets of flower food (the super market floral department gave me packets for free) and you will be FINE! I'm not going to say putting the arrangments together isn't a lot of work, but I will say it's all worth it in the end! We did 22 table centerpieces, 5 other arrangments for the church, cake and gift tables, the bride and bridesmaids bouquets and everything looked beautiful, chic and fabulous!! =)

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