Happy to Help, and Terrified!

My daughter Tory called several months back, and said "Jo is engaged! ......Oh, by the way, she was hoping you might help with the flowers?!"

What you need to know is Jo, and another friend from high school, the Maid of Honor, are special to me, as they reached out to Tory when we moved her in High School and became great friends to Tory and our family.

Well Jo thought I'd be "good at it." So without asking the size of the wedding party or the location, I said "sure." Then the panic set in big time!! The good news is my niece had a bridal flower business prior to 3 munchkins under the age of 6. Bad news she is 1000 miles away and could not help with the actual flowers. Barbara Leigh recommended FiftyFlowers.com immediately. Commented how awesome your company had been in the past. Based on pictures from Pinterest which Jo liked, and the venue (outdoors and heat) conditions, helped me select the flowers and quantity to use.

The ordering process and follow-up were excellent. Flower preparation suggestions and instructions on your website are very helpful, not to mention books, and You Tube videos....as I mentioned I had a fair amount of anxiety (totally put on upon myself by me).....your communications were great prior to delivery and delivery day! Amazing shipping boxes and preparation. All flowers arrived on time and in great condition. I processed as instructed and placed in large buckets of water.... they held up extremely well in the buckets for the 5 hour car ride. The flowers were assembled in the Hotel lobby the day of the evening wedding....the rest is history.

Everyone LOVED the flowers! My personal favorite was the head piece I made from portion of a wire headband (cut a 4 inch piece out of a full headband and wired the flowers.)

Great experience. Thank you for a great product and service! Barb

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