Happy Sunflowers!

We planned our wedding with the goal of keeping everything as personal and intimate as possible- it was held at my Uncle's beautiful property, our good friend officiated, my cousin baked our cake, a former student's mother was our photographer, my new FIL baked his famous cookies, I made endless signs/decorations, etc... So of course it made sense for us to do our own flowers! After lots of price research and reading reviews, we decided on FiftyFlowers, and I am so very happy that we did! I love sunflowers, so they were our base, and then we added some complimentary flowers from there. I was planning on making the arrangements/bouquets the night before with family, but then our wonderful friend Dylan Yacks said that to keep them looking their very best, he would take on doing them the morning of. I won't lie, the idea of waiting til the morning of made me a bit nervous, but he (along with a few helpers) pulled it off FLAWLESSLY and made everything look so incredibly beautiful in a way I couldn't have imagined! Thank you FiftyFlowers for providing such beautiful florals, and Dylan for being our flower mastermind!

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