Happy Handmade Boho

I absolutely loved using Fifty Flowers! I have to admit, I was very nervous about buying my flowers online, but it was one of the best decisions I made when choosing wedding details. We were able to store our flowers in an industrial fridge at our ceremony site, which was very gracious of them to allow. The roses were beautiful and opened up very well the day of our wedding, as did the freesia. We used the roses for all the bouquets as well as in the bottles we places all over the ceremony and reception spaces. The freesia was used for my flower crown that my sister made just by following Pinterest instructions, and opened beautifully in the warm Louisiana heat throughout the day. The silver dollar eucalyptus was absolutely lovely! I wanted some "floppy" greenery and it was such fun to have in my bouquet! It was a subtle green and it broke up the white wonderfully.
Having handmade all the flower arrangements was fun, while a bit crazy. It was a fun time of wrapping bouquets and makes me feel sentimental about the flowers we had at our wedding.

Our wedding day started bright and early for the bridesmaids and myself since we decided on at 10:30am wedding. I was able to be up to watch the sunrise on our wedding day! The morning was busy but still calm as we got ready. I can honestly say that the wedding day itself was full of joy, love, and emotions.
My father walked me down the aisle and he truly made me feel like a princess. As soon as the doors were parted, there were so many happy tears! Zach, my father, and I were crying the whole time as I came down the aisle!
I felt that the whole wedding day reflected the purpose: for Zach and I to become one. There was so much love and joy not just from us, but from our friends and family. We had many friends and family travel very far to share this day with us and we felt the love and excitement that others not only felt about the wedding, but also about us as a couple.

NOTE: Please change the name listed from Zachary Yell to Chelsea Yell.

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