Happy flowers

I found medium sized moss green baskets and used a styrofoam wedge to fill the inside. These flowers were great to work with and did not need any additional greens. My girlfriend and I spent about 3 hours putting them together and then added a ruffled lighter pink bow to make the gerber daisys really pop! Using the same color overlay organza on the tables with matching napkins, pulled the look together. We raffled them off at the end of our shower and people were delighted to take them home. I had wished that the flowers arrived strawed to hold their heads up, but I happened to have had a package of flower straws from another venue that I used. When strawing gerbers , remember to rotate the flower into the straw so their heads don't break! I had a few flowers arrive stems broken, but this company was quick to reimburse me and I would use them again because they were accommoding. Order extra in case this happens to you.

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