Happily Ever Eucalyptus!

The bride requested ALL the eucalyptus for her wedding. The groom has crazy allergies so we wanted to keep the actual flower blooms to a minimum. Since we were limited on the amount of actual flowers we could use, we decided to make the ones that we did use make a statement. Hence the pink antique garden roses. They just screamed luxe and stood out in everything that we put them in. Once bloomed, they were the perfect peachy pink shade to complement the burgundy carnations we also ordered. The eucalyptus helped us make everything look lush and full and gave the wedding a perfect luxe boho fall look. All the wedding guests thought that the flowers were done by a professional florist bc the quality was so good. We were quoted $5K+ for the same look that we were able to accomplish for less than $500 - customer service was great and everything we ordered was very easy to work with.

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