Great Service and Great Flowers!

I had never ordered flowers online before, but since my niece's wedding was in Georgia and I live in Pennsylvania it wasn't possible to deal with the wholesaler I usually use. My sister (mother of the bride) and I knew our only option was to use an online dealer. We ordered the majority of the flowers (140 bunches) from another online wholesaler. Their flowers where of excellent quality but their customer service and shipping cost where poor ($471.00 shipping for $761.00 in flowers) we didn't know how the flowers where coming or what shipping was going to be until the day they where delivered! The 34 bunches of flowers I ordered from Fifty Flowers where also excellent quality, their customer service is top notch and shipping was free. After I placed my order I received a phone call confirming my order 10 min. after it was placed and was told that as soon as the flowers where shipped I would receive an email with a tracking number which I did and I received a call right after the flowers where delivered. I will be sure to use Fifty Flowers in the future for any out of town weddings I do in the future.

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