Great Gatsby

Seven months after my son's wedding (Bells of Ireland), my daughter was married. With her wedding came many challenges. Her flowers needed to be completely different from her brothers, her venue was an art gallery, and she wanted a Great Gatsby theme. After much research on style and availability, we decided on calla lilies, both large and mini, oriental day lilies, whimsical garden roses, anemones and eucalyptus wedding greens. Our colors were white and blush, with a few ostrich plumes thrown in.
After talking with our personally assigned floral consultant, my delivery date was changed to a few days earlier to ensure the flowers would be in full bloom for that special day. Upon delivery, my brother (the designer) was concerned with the garden roses. He felt they were wilted, I called my consultant and she guided us on the proper storage to make these beauties come alive, and alive they came! While unpacking, I noticed some the anemones were a burgundy color not the blush I had ordered. Again I called Fifty Flowers and they could not have been more accommodating. We used the burgundy anemones and to our pleasant surprise they added that splash of color that we needed.
This is my second experience working with this company. I have nothing but wonderful praises. The consultants are very knowledge, patient and accommodating. The flowers were of the highest quality, beyond my expectations, just magnificent! My youngest daughter just announced she was getting married next winter. I will not hesitate to use Fifty Flowers again. In fact I am looking forward to it.

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