I ordered the 18 bunches of the White Combo Pack and was very happy with it! I had them delivered on Wednesday. They arrived all in 1 box, which I was surprised about! My only complaint was that flower food was not included, I had to scramble to find some - luckily a local florist gave me some. We took them all out, cut the stems, and put them in water in our basement. (We did have s small issue with the Limonium being stinky, but a capful of bleach did the trick!) Only 1 gerber arrived damaged, but we had plenty of flowers - it was missing it's tube. My mom cut the stems again on Thursday and gave them fresh water. On Friday we took them to the venue and arranged them. I had enough to fill about 30 bottles - on 15 guest tables and more to decorate around the venue. I did add some purple chive flowers to them that my parents had in their garden and it really made a big difference - so I'd suggest adding a little pop of color if you can. They looked gorgeous! The limonium and daisies actually still look good 19 days later!!! The alstroemeria lasted about 2 weeks and the gerberas and snapdragons a little over a week.

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