Gorgeous Flowers, Great Service

I was 100% happy with our flowers and service. I used Darcey Red Peony Rose, Peony Rose Bridal Piano, and Bells of Ireland to make 3 bouquets, 34 centerpieces, 2 boutonnieres, and 2 bags of rose petals to cover the ground where the ceremony was and 36 small mesh bags for people to throw after the ceremony. The flowers where fresh and they actually had an amazing rose scent which is so hard to find these days. The bells of Ireland we beautiful, with fragrant white bells tucked in the greens. The rose petals where fresh, fragrant, and true to color. They arrived 2 days before as promised, we received a call within 20 mins of the arrival of the flowers to go over the care of them. I would highly recommend using FiftyFlowers, it\'s fun to do your own flowers, my sister helped me care for them and prepare them for the wedding. I also saved $2000 dollars from all the floral estimates we received compared to what I spent at FiftyFlowers!

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