Gorgeous Calla Lilies

I am so glad my daughter wanted calla lilies for her wedding. Her wedding colors were Navy Blue and Raspberry. I was originally going to use the Black Calla Lilies from Costco, but the store didn't have a sample and I was afraid it was too dark. So I drove to the LA flower mart and bought a few stems but I was right, they were too dark. So I looked online and found the Purple Berry Mini Calla Lilies from FiftyFlowers. Although the color listed on the flowers that arrived was different than PurpleBerry, It was Captain something. The price was great and they arrived in perfect condition. They also lasted for weeks after the wedding. We are very happy we chose FiftyFlowers and got so many compliments on the flowers. I ordered 200 and it was more than enough for a bouquet, 3 corsages, 8 boutonnieres, 7 lanterns (the bridesmaids carried lanterns filled with flowers instead of bouquets) & 20 plus centerpieces. I saved a TON of money DIY. I highly recommend FiftyFlowers for all your wedding DIY flowers!!

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