Gorgeous and So Easy!

The wedding flowers were so easy to put together and lovely. Everyone was amazed with the amount of flowers we had at the wedding, and thought a professional had put them together. For vases, we bought 4 cases of mixed cylinders and globe vases from the dollar tree (that's right, $48 plus tax), and ordered enough to have 3-4 snapdragons, 2-3 hydrangeas, 5-6 listanthis, and 2-3 bells of ireland in each vase. We also used rose petals in the ceremony, which were quite beautiful. Total cost was about $1100, and customer service could not have been better. They were constantly in touch with us about the flowers, and were helpful when one shade of a flower was not available yet. My only regret is that we had the ceremony centerpieces, bouquets and boutonneires done by a local florist. Honestly, mine were better, at a fraction of the cost, and I'm not a professional or even that crafty.

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