Gift of DIY Flowers for Family

I wanted to give my cousin and her fiancee the gift of flowers for their wedding. Fifty Flowers made that not only possible, but easy and affordable too. The initial planning meeting flowed beautifully. We used Fifty Flowers website and its "Flowers by Color" buttons to determine what the bride liked/didn't like. The photography is great on the website- gives you an accurate picture of the flowers. If anything, they were more beautiful in person. The flowers were easy to order, there was tremendous communication on confirming the order, date of delivery, and confirmation of delivery from the company. The flowers came 3 days before the wedding, were prepared the day before and lasted for a long time after. The centerpiece arrangements lasted for 2 weeks after the wedding! The instructions on prepping the flowers were thorough and detailed. I loved having them because I am an amateur. I would recommend Fifty Flowers wholeheartedly!

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