Gift of Bliss

I am getting married in May, but my coworker, Taylor, had her wedding on Saturday, November 04, 2017. She had hired a florist to do her Ballroom, but could not afford to have the chapel decorated. Since I have been planning on doing my own flowers in May, I figured why not give Taylor her dream ceremony as a wedding gift, and double it as a test run for my own wedding?! I bought the small Burgundy Blush DIY wedding flower pack, and boy was I glad I did! The flowers were absolutely gorgeous. I received part of the order on Wednesday, and the other part on Thursday. I was way too excited to start arranging Friday night! Arranging was so much fun. I played music, drank some wine, and spent hours designing my pieces. For the wedding I made 2 large alter pieces, 2 candelabra pieces, 15 smaller arrangements, and sign swag. I kept adding small bud vases where ever I could. I had so many flowers left over I designed 3 more large floral arrangements and several smaller ones to practice for my wedding, and surprised my neighbors with them. I was beyond happy with how the flowers came out, I am more than confident that I can do my entire wedding flowers, and Taylor still thanks me every time I see her for giving her the best gift ever. Compared to the florist, I gave her what she wanted at a third of the price!!!! I cannot wait for more of my friends to get married so I can tell them about Fifty Flowers!!!

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