Garden Wedding of My Dreams!!

My now-husband Connor and I had been together for 4 years (2 spent long distance) before we were able to get married. Even though we were still college students, we decided there was no reason for us to be apart anymore and we decided to just get hitched! Because we were students, from the beginning we were on a tight budget for our wedding and knew that we would be doing most things ourselves. We had a wedding in my backyard in the suburbs of Chicago, and my mom even made my dress! But, like all of you brides out there, I LOVE flowers and they were a top priority for our wedding. Although our decorations would need to be simple, I knew that if we had plenty of flowers everything would still be beautiful! Knowing we could never afford a florist to match the scope of my floral vision, I looked around at several wholesale flower shops but decided that FiftyFlowers offered the most flowers for the best price. Their user-friendly website was also a huge selling point for me - I could see my vision coming to fruition before my eyes! I was able to search for flowers by color both color and type, which helped me to first decide and then accomplish the look I wanted for our flowers. I also used the chat feature several times to ask for advice on anything from which flowers would be best for our season, to how to get them to open properly (looking at you, peonies!). Ordering the flowers was such a simple process and I never had to worry about the flowers once because of FiftyFlowers amazing reputation and reviews. Even when one of our flowers was unavailable because of the season, we received a call from FiftyFlowers, who helped us change our order at no cost to us. They were so helpful. Leading up to the wedding, my mom and others questioned my decision to do my own flowers and warned that with everything else we were trying to do it might be too much work. On the contrary, when the flowers showed up a few days before the wedding, the task of prepping them was welcome reprieve from the other chores of the wedding. I did all the prep on my own but I did not feel overwhelmed at all like I expected to! (If any brides are anxious about the work involved - do not worry! It is not as hard as it seems, and it will be so so rewarding!!) The day before the wedding, my husband's family was in town and anxious to help, so while I made my bridal bouquet everyone else got to work arranging the flowers and they were done before we knew it! None of us had any experience arranging flowers, but such beautiful flowers do not require much effort to shine! When we were done with the arrangements, we had tons of flowers left over. We pulled out extra vases, pitchers, even bowls - everything we could find to put all the extra flowers in. We even started putting flowers in the Italian Sodas at the bar! We easily had enough to decorate the arbor we were married under, make a flower crown, and decorate the cake. If we had hired a florist, we would have spent at least ten times as much on these gorgeous flowers! We received so many compliments on our flowers and people still talk about them when they talk about our wedding. Whenever we show anyone pictures, it is the first thing they comment on! I am so pleased that this entire experience was not only simple and easy, but also more beautiful than I could have dreamed. Thank you so much FiftyFlowers!!

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