Garden Roses for Valentines + Wedding Trial Run

My fiance (Caleb) bought these for me for Valentines because (1) Valentines! and (2) I was thinking of DIY'ing our wedding flowers and wanted to do a small test run to see the quality. We bought the Garden Variety pack. The customer service from FiftyFlowers was excellent and delivery went off without a hitch. Some of the flowers were pretty sad and squished when we got them out of the box but I had read other reviews saying that this was normal and the flowers just needed water - they were right! The "Make me blush" and "Raspberry Ribbon" roses were absolutely stunning after a day in water! Hearty, tons of petals, big blooms, great smell! Everything was delivered on Tuesday morning, and I'd say these 2 varieties looked best by Wednesday evening (by Friday morning they were looking a bit tired). The "Peony Yves Piaget" which was the flower I was looking forward to the most, was unfortunately the biggest let down. They were super squished and wilty when they arrived and while they did perk up after a day or 2 in water, they didn't really look like the photos on FiftyFlowers. "Spicy Pink" was a smaller bloom with 4-5 large opened petals and smaller "tulip" shaped center. This one also took the longest to open up. With a delivery on Tuesday, they looked best by Thursday evening. Overall a good experience though! I would definitely recommend FiftyFlowers and would definitely recommend the "Make me blush" and "Raspberry ribbon" garden roses! (Most of these pictures were taken on Wednesday when the flowers were at their peak! I did include one photo of the flowers taken on Friday (4 days after delivery) to show the difference).

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