Fun and romantic in pink

I purchased these roses to make into bouquets for my pre-wedding photoshoot: 36 cabbage garden roses in romantic antique pink. The photoshoot was actually a rushed decision because I wanted to get the cherry blossoms in their peak, hence the express delivery order. I was also in luck because they were having a discount on these roses at the time of purchase!

The event was on Sunday. I received the order on Thursday morning, which left me with plenty of time to prepare them. Fiftyflower's customer service was caring and thorough, contacting me to confirm my order and delivery date. As expected after I had talked to the sales lady, the flowers arrived looking tired when I first opened the box, so I rushed to trim off some of the leaves, cut their stems and put them in water immediately. It was very hard not to worry at first seeing the flowers in such a droopy state with their limp petals. However, after about 4 hours leaving them alone to drink in my cool living room, I was thrilled to see that they all perked up; some even started to open. By Friday morning, my flowers had all firmed up and started to bloom. I went to my local Trader Joe's to buy a few more tulips and fillers of similar colors to add more texture and volume to my bouquets. I also picked a few crabapple branches in my garden to give my bouquets a little more fun. Saturday was serious work day. I made 1 bridal bouquet and 3 bridesmaids' bouquets. I think I still had about 5-6 roses left for my mom after that. Hand-tying the bouquets was not as hard and time-consuming as I had imagined. These flowers were hardy and could handle a lot of turning and shifting around as I tried to position the crabapple branches into the bouquets. I just had to be extra careful and wore kitchen gloves to snap their thorns (I didn't have a thorn stripper). The roses really stood out among the other florals thanks to their size, color and shape, all of which never seen in my local department stores. I was very satisfied with the result.

I find it rewarding to have spent extra money on these quality flowers. They were beautiful, hardy and long-lasting, being able to keep their perkiness and fresh color from Thursday morning until late Sunday afternoon for my photoshoot. A lot of people at the park where the photoshoot took place were complimenting on how beautiful they were, so we (I and the bridesmaids) decided to give out the bouquets to those who wanted them. Happiness shared and multiplied.

This was a very exciting and satisfying first experience with DIY flowers for me. I have definitely gained much more confidence for my wedding floral arrangements with this trial run and already made a list of what to buy next Fiftyflowers for my actual big day.

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