Full Bloom Garden in a Vintage Warehouse

My wife and I have been together for over 10 years before we were engaged, so when we decided to get married, we knew we wanted to create a one of a kind celebration; mixing the feeling of modern & vintage. We found a stunning venue that was actually a vintage warehouse. The floors creaked and the space was anything but traditional. Our first concern was how were we going to fill this huge space with flowers on a budget. We met with several florist but none were able to capture the "casual style arrangements" we were envisioning. For the few that got close to the aesthetic, they were even further away from the budget. We tried to cut corners and reduce the amount of flowers but were so worried the space was going to feel empty. So we looked into wholesale options and found FiftyFlowers.com. We set up a conference call with a florist and they gave us a great overview and made fantastic suggestions. They even researched further and sent us a followup email to fill in the gaps.

Fast forward to a few days before the wedding... All the flowers arrived on time and we followed the easy care instructions to open and liven up the buds. Our spare bedroom turned into a florist shop and it truly was magical and so rewarding to prep the flowers that would be at our wedding. The day before some of our friends and family surprised us to help prepare the arrangements and bouquets. Even groomsmen were putting together arrangements and it turned out to be a lasting memory with family and friends. My wife was tired and busy working on a few other things so I decided to make her bouquet. With help from a groomsman, it turned out amazing!

Day of, we had 2 friends put the final touches on the arrangements and place around our venue. They too had a great experience working with the flowers and were so surprised how easy it went. Guest were astonished on all the DIY projects my wife and I did, but the biggest accomplishment was the flowers by far. We also gave out the vases and arrangements which surprised and made the guests very happy. (We hated the idea of paying so much for flowers with a florist and not be able to keep or give away the flowers at the end of the night.)

We whole heartily recommend FiftyFlowers.com, the produce is great, directions are easy to follow, you will save a ton on your budget but most importantly; you will have a memory of prepping & preparing that not most people can add to their day.

p.s. My wife also ordered flowers for her Bridal Shower which was a good preview on a smaller scale of the process.

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