Flowers Make Dreams Come True

This isn't a Bride's Story, but it comes close because it made a young lady very happy!! I was asked to plan a High School Graduation party for a beautiful and energetic young lady who loves "everything flowers". She owns flower earrings, pins, flower covered notebooks, pens and much more. Her mother is a single mom on a fixed income. Her mother asked me to coordinate a graduation party for her daughter on a very small budget. When I interviewed the graduate to ask her what colors and theme she wanted, she said anything pink would be fine, but her only request is that each table have fresh flower centerpieces. I told her that I wouldn't promise her that I could grant that request because fresh flower centerpieces are expensive. However, not wanting to disappoint her, I began an extensive search by calling every local florist in our area to find flowers in our budget. None of them could help me. I then turned to the Internet and came across and found the Pink and Purple Discount Table Arrangements. The price seemed too good to be true, but I ordered them anyway not expecting much. When they arrived they were beautiful! I was so happy and delighted that I'd be able to surprise the graduate with the fresh flower centerpieces she wanted. On the day of the party when she walked into the room and saw the flowers, her eyes lit up and began to fill with tears of joy. She said "this is the best day EVER!"  I want to personally thank Fifty Flowers for making a young girl very happy.

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