Flowers made my Mountain Wedding perfect!

I had originally ordered several types of Garden Roses, Dahlias, and Hydrangeas for my wedding. Due to unforeseen weather conditions, I had to replace my Dahlia choices, which would make any bride very nervous with such short notice. Customer Service came through, and after some discussion as to the vision I had in mind for the wedding, they replaced the Dahlias with Garden Roses and Peonies that matched my color scheme beautifully!! The flowers arrived exactly when they were due, and after following the instructions, they opened beautifully!! The Hydrangeas in particular were amazingly hardy and lasted for weeks after my wedding!! The combination of flower selection, customer service, and cost savings made FiftyFlowers an excellent choice, and there is nothing I would have changed. I received endless compliments on my flowers, and they were exactly what I envisioned. Thank you FiftyFlowers!

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