Flower Obsessed Budget Bride Gets Her Dream Day

To anyone else at my wedding, we spent $10,000 on flowers, but I'm sneaky and only spent $1,300 on FiftyFlowers! I made 20 centerpieces (all over 5 feet tall!), 25 small arrangements (for bathrooms, the bar and corners that looked naked), 18 church arrangements, 3 bridesmaids bouquets, and a bridal bouquet. All the flowers took about 8 hours to do and I was able to prepare everything two days prior to the wedding. The flowers were in perfect bloom for the wedding and I couldn't have been happier! A quick tip: I bought 99% of my flowers through Fifty Flowers and the other 1% at a local grocery store. I wanted to have a bridal bouquet with a lot of variety and by buying a dozen local flowers gave it that little something extra! We also spray painted leaves to throw down with the rose pedals to match our fall wedding and give a little more texture to the pedals. We ended up having about 3 dozen flowers extra too!

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