Flower girl (age 7) says, "They're lovely!"

I can't tell you how glad we are we ordered from Fifty Flowers. WOW, WOW, WOW! The flower girl was staying with me on the day they all arrived and when we unpacked the first box of roses (we ordered Blushing Bride and Vendela) she gasped and said reverently, "They're lovely!" Everything was beautifully packed in four long boxes (which came in handy for transporting vases to the venue). For our order of 200 Vendelas and 50 Blushing Brides we filled four 5 gallon Lowe's buckets. The hypericum berries and freesia each fit in a small cooler. I could not believe how perfect everything was. No damage, no bad blossoms. None. The freesia arrived a day later than we were told originally due to being held up at an airport, but we were given instructions on how to speed up the blooming when they arrived and it all worked well! The communication from the company was amazing. UPS brought part of the order, FedEx the other, and they arrived within 30 minutes of each other. We needed flowers for two large arrangements at the church (Vendelas--which are gorgeous sturdy roses--and freesia, which have a really unusual and wonderful aroma), two bouquets (Blushing Bride--a more delicate rose a little smaller than the Vendela but with lovely coloration, ivory hypericum, freesia), and a whole slew of centerpieces--probably 30. Our venue had some tables inside and some outside in a tent, as well as some picnic tables. Because we had a whole lot of blooms in my husband's wildflower patch, for the table vases we also put in some Sweet William, hosta, and sedum for additional color and texture. We used hosta leaves in the bouquets, too. These blended so beautifully with the roses. It was truly gorgeous. Everyone at the reception was BLOWN AWAY by the beautiful flowers. I had decorated mason jars for some of the vases, so we were able to give a vase of flowers to almost all the departing female guests, and we still had so many roses left over that I took a vase of 30 to a P.E.O. meeting and gave them away to my friends. Those roses were amazing--they were beautiful still, over a week after the wedding. I don't know what they do to these flowers, but this company has it together! I'd love a behind the scenes tour. Anyway, you can't go wrong with this company! I only have one daughter, but I would sure love to have another big bash and use Fifty Flowers again--fun, stress-free, and HIGHEST quality imaginable. I still can't believe it.

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