Floral Supplies

Check out our new selection of Floral Supplies. Get everything you need for creating centerpieces, arrangements, bouquets, and other floral design activities. We have wholesale florist supplies including Floral Foam, Wholesale Vases, Floral Design Tools, Floral Spray, Wire, Tape, Floral Pins and much more. We even have gift certificates, so you can give the gift of fresh flowers! Perfect for the bride-to-be or anyone who loves flowers!

ECOssentials Cylinder 5 Inch

from $59.99

LOMEY® Designer Dish 11 Inch


LOMEY® Designer Dish 9 Inch


LOMEY® Designer Dish 6 Inch


OASISâ„¢ Wire Easel


OASISâ„¢ Wire, 24 Gauge, Quarter Pound Paddle

from $50.39

OASISâ„¢ Wire, 22 Gauge, Quarter Pound Paddle

from $47.99

OASISâ„¢ Wire, 20 Gauge, Quarter Pound Paddle

from $47.99

OASISâ„¢ Wire, 22 Gauge, Half Pound Spool

from $68.39

OASIS™ Bind It Tape

from $27.59

FLORACAGE® Holder, Grande


OASISâ„¢ Floral Mesh

from $26.39

OASIS® Clear Tape, Half Inch

from $19.19

OASIS® Clear Tape, Quarter Inch

from $19.19

PLACE ITâ„¢ Holder, Grande

from $32.39

OASIS® UGLU™ Adhesive Dash

from $71.99

OASIS® Waterproof Tape, Quarter Inch

from $23.99

OASIS® Waterproof Tape, Half Inch

from $29.99

Floratape® Stem Wrap, 1 Inch

from $43.14



OASIS™ Etched Wire

from $26.39

OASISâ„¢ Rustic Wire

from $27.59

OASIS™ Flat Wire

from $26.39

OASISâ„¢ Metallic Wire

from $20.39

OASIS™ Anchor Pins

from $33.59

OASIS™ Bullion Wire

from $26.39

OASIS® Floral Foam Riser, Round

from $29.99

OASISâ„¢ Florist Wire, 26 gauge 18 Inch

from $77.99

OASISâ„¢ Florist Netting, Galvanized, 12 Inches


OASISâ„¢ Greening Pins

from $10.79

Number 66 O'BOWL® Container


Elite Bud Vase, 7.5 Inches


Cylinder Bud Vase, 7.5 Inches


OASISâ„¢ Dual Temp Glue Gun

from $44.39

OASIS™ 4 inch x 8 inch Saddle

from $19.19

OASIS® Cube Foam, 5 Inch


OASIS® Cube Foam, 4 Inch


OASIS® Mache Ribbon, 20.5 Inch

from $55.19

OASIS® Mache Wreath, 24 Inch

from $74.39

OASIS® Mache Wreath, 12 Inch

from $76.79

OASIS® Mache Open Heart, 24 Inch

from $64.79

OASIS® Floral Frame, Dad

from $71.99

OASIS™ Garland, 9 Ft

from $59.99

ESSENTIALSâ„¢ Square Bowl

from $65.99

OASISâ„¢ Floral Cake Foam


OASIS™ Casket Saddle, Large

from $41.99

OASIS® Floral Foam Cone, 12 Inch

from $20.39

WEDDING BELLE® Bouquet Holder, Medium

from $33.59
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